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Feb. 28-Mar. 4 -- Library Reading Fair

Olive Wildcat

Olive Schools is in the very early stage of trying to establish an official Wildcat. We want something that when you see it, you know that is Olive. We are requesting if you know of one or have one you would like to see considered that you send a picture to the Wildcat email at Remember that all College logos are copyrighted and would have to be altered for use.  We will be putting together a committee of community members, Olive Alumni, students, and School Board members. The committee will narrow the list - then we will again ask for community input.




Feb. 12-13    --    HS Bball District Tourn.
Districts   will  be   held   at   Oklahoma
Christian Academy  at    1101 E. 9th St.
Edmond, OK  73034 ** Girls will play at
6:30 on Friday and the boys will follow.

Feb. 15  --  Pres. Day   -   NO SCHOOL

Grades 5-8 will travel to Anderson for an
All-Conference game.     Each team has 
picked 3 players to represent their team.
A bus will leave at  3:45  for players and
any basketball  player that would  like to
go.    Be at the gym by 3:40.    Students
will need money for entry and concession.








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